Hyperlite Tent

Hyperlite UltraMid 4 tent - the perfect lightweight tent for a backpacking trip. Weighs only 1.44lbs and does not require poles - it uses your hiking pole for center support, and relies on ties for additional height. Can be pitched low to the ground or high from the ground. The tent is waterproof and made of highly durable Dyneema® Composite Fabrics.

Fits 3-4 people

Area: 85sq feet

What gear are you renting?: Tent
Rental Options: Pick-up Only
Cancellation Fees: 100% of rental fee if cancelled within less than 24 hours of rental period. A no show to pick up gear equals a cancellation.
Other Fees: 100% of rental fee charged per day that product is returned late. Renter will be charged for repairs or replacement in the case damage to product outside of normal wear and tear.
Deposit Required?: Yes
Deposit Amount: 200

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